All i want is a nice guy

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I t will never catch on.

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It was far too reasonable. He could have started by saying that Lord Frost appeared to want to renegotiate the Northern Ireland protocol that Lord Frost had himself negotiated less than two years ly.

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That it would have been helpful for the UK to have spent more time examining the deal they had ed at the time, rather than just any old agreement to get Brexit done and then hope to rework the bits that were politically tricky for the hardline Brexiters at a later date. So here was what he was proposing. And if it helped he would set up some focus groups so that businesses and politicians could see that any arbitration in disputes was being treated fairly with the interests of Northern Ireland paramount.

It was exhausting being this reasonable with people seemingly hell-bent on making the NI protocol fail. He was falling over backwards to find practical solutions to the problems people had told him they were facing, but he could feel in his gut that Frost and the DUP would find something to quibble about that would undermine any negotiation.

Understandably, most questions focused on the role of the European court of justice. The issue that Frost had only recently decided was his red line: hell, he needed something to torpedo a deal and that would have to do. After all, it was he who was handing out the favours here. All he had tried to achieve had been to address the problems that the people in Northern Ireland had told him they were having.

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And in that time only once had anyone mentioned the European court of justice to him. And the first time the UK government had raised the subject had been as an afterthought in the command paper published during the summer.

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He had effectively been mugged off. Frost wanted the Northern Ireland protocol to collapse.

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Yes, he had tried to bend the rules. Yes, he had done his best to expedite trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Yes, he had even taken a few risks on some products entering the single market from the UK. But the bottom line was that the single market was governed by the ECJ. He had a lunch arranged with Frost for Friday. That should be fun.

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This one was going to run and run. The politics sketch European Union.

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All i want is a nice guy

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