Friend s or gf

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Down to go for a late night snack? The best thing about the fun one is she is always very supportive and can be the best third wheel around.

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If you and your girlfriend ever get bored, just invite her out and her laughter will bring your mood back up. There will always be other hot girls that catch your eye in this world.

Dost ko Girlfriend kaise banaye - How to make your friend to Girlfriend - Dating Friend

And, in this case, one of these hot girls will happen to be a friend of your girlfriend. Will your girlfriend accuse you of being a liar if you disagree?

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Does your girlfriend want to secretly make out with her? The gay one is well, gay.


So just trust your girlfriend and him enough to know that nothing will go down. If it really bothers you go talk to your girlfriend and communicate. Or, be a great wingman and find him a girl. This dude is pretty cool. You can tell that he has no sexual burning desire to ever want to be with your girlfriend and vice versa.

He cares for your girlfriend… like a friend. You have to watch out for this guy. I was drunk too. This friend loves to go out and party with her girls. There is no harm because you have your own guys nights out, so why not your girlfriend?

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Be ready for a ton of bathroom selfies and crazy pictures with weird people they meet at the clubs. Listen, your girlfriend needs a friend like this because everyone needs a break from his or her partner every once in a while. This could be anyone: a sister, a close friend, a close cousin, etc. Be nice, be cordial, and just ignore the gleam in her eye. As long as you treat your girlfriend with affectionate love, everything will be fine. This friend has got her shit together, can organize anything, and generally be savvy in everything.

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They are the people who support her decisions and will ultimately be the force that can make your relationship stronger. So these are the types of friends your girlfriend has or will have. These words are for us all. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time. Shutterstock 1. The Hot One There will always be other hot girls that catch your eye in this world.

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Luckily though, your girlfriend is hotter. The Gay One The gay one is well, gay. The Friendzoned Dude. The Guy Friend This dude is pretty cool. The Vulture You have to watch out for this guy. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! See you Friday. Follow Thought Catalog.

Friend s or gf

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