Game of thrones is sexist

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However, the penultimate episode has been a major let down for many fans.

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Apart from a lot of useless burning, a random duel and the uneventful death of two important characters, what really stands out is just how badly the characters, especially the women, have been written. Cersei Lannister, for one, had so much potential. As a woman, her entire life has been about her father telling her what she can and cannot do.

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While Jaime was literally always a knight in shining armor, Tyrion never cared about the Iron Throne. While her use of her male children to be the Queen Mother may be seen as her attempt to gain power, writing her actions off as things she did out of her love for her children seems rather reductionist right before the writers kill her off rather uneventfully.

For your garden-variety woman watching the show, it is evident that Dany is a woman who has been repeatedly let down by men.

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She has gone through 7 seasons, working up her strengths, building an army to put herself on the Iron Throne. Dany is an ambitious woman who has her heart set on sitting on the Iron Throne. Bloodshed, in order to get to the throne, was imminent and if one did not see that coming, one would be very foolish indeed. Under such circumstances, the Mad Queen trope was absolutely unnecessary.

It is more than evident that in order to survive in Westeros, a woman must be devoid of any ambitions for herself.

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But hold on, how did these women get here and what are the ambitions that have been written for them? The only way Sansa became a woman worth a damn is through repeated sexual abuse, and Arya only became worthy once she literally became devoid of her sense of self. Yes, of course Cersei and Dany have had their share of abuse, violence and injustice hurled their way. But what makes them different is that all that it did to them was make their personal ambitions stronger.

Westeros is clearly not a kingdom that was written for women. This is a personal blog. The Quint neither endorses, nor is responsible for them.

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At The Quint, we are answerable only to our audience. Play an active role in shaping our journalism by becoming a membe r. Because the truth is worth it. Toonika Guha. Blogs 5 min read. Alert: Major spoilers ahead. The franchise has never been known for its writing of female characters.

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Game of thrones is sexist

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'Game of Thrones' And The Struggle With Liking Sexist Television