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Mexicolike most of the world, has come far on the road towards gender equality for women. The UN recognises that this is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. In every part of the world, women and girls continue to encounter violence and discrimination. With strict gender roles and other inequalities, Mexico is no exception.

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That might seem like a long time ago, but it was only in when sexual violence within a marriage became illegal in Mexico. Mexican women are paid Girls in rural areas have less access to education than boys. There are many cases of child marriageas well as high rates of domestic violence.

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And, the importance of gender equality in Mexico is taking centre stage. A huge part of the road towards gender equality is analysing the gender roles that people fulfill, or are expected to fulfill, in order to be socially accepted.

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In Mexico, women are strongly encouraged to have children That means ing the workforce becomes a secondary priority. For this reason, many women in relationships with men are financially dependent on their partners and this makes them vulnerable. Financial dependence becomes a danger when women are unable to abandon an abusive relationship because of it. From a different perspective, men are often expected to take on the whole financial burden in a partnership between a man and woman.

This can place huge economic pressure on men; and, coupled with the stereotype that men should not express their feelings or show vulnerability, adds to the burden.

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For this reason, women in the workforce often have a larger workload than their male counterparts. The conversations around gender in Mexico are changing. A song went viral and was sung across the country. Generations before, public sentiment may have been different, but now, more people are starting to agree. Blaming the victim may soon become less culturally acceptable.

The song has taken over the Spanish-speaking world. Many people identify with it, and many people are listening. Women are taking to the streets to protest, and with this mobilisation comes hope for further change. Contribute to gender equality for women. one of our programs.

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Sustainability Travel Volunteering Women's Empowerment. The importance of gender equality in Mexico. Mexican gender inequality Mexican women are paid A shift in the gender equality conversation The conversations around gender in Mexico are changing.

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Live chat girls in Mexico

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