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Recently, while Family Search volunteers were digitising will and probate records held within our collection, they were amazed to come across a beautiful little diary, letters and notebook contained within the will of a woman named Sarah Deborah Broyer. By reading the records, you gain a sense of the lives of an entire family. Starting with Robert Amery. Robert Amery was born in near Bath. He was neighbours with a young woman named Sarah who had a beau named Constant in a nearby parish.

His journey began in St Catherines Canada where he farewelled friends and rode off in a stage headed for Niagara Falls which he described as being as magnificent as ever.

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Initially intending to take a ferry, his fellow stage coach passengers convinced him that a train to New York would be faster, allowing him to meet the ship for Liverpool. I could not procure a ticket at Buffalo there not being time before I Looking for Amery woman drinks laughs. I paid 1 dollar 50 cents to Rochester and there which we changed cars… We rolled on again at pretty good speed by people and such a variety of objects that it is impossible for me to remember them all.

Some were extremely pretty for some time after leaving Buffalo the country looked rather flat and monotonous but after a while it became much livelier. I was much struck by the appearance of Auburn near which we remained some time on of the engine becoming out of order. The State Prison had a very gloomy aspect sentinels were parading with fixd bayonets on the ramparts and through the grated windows some of the buried alive wretches were peering at us. The appearance of Odondaga Lake and the salt works there were very interesting at Syracuse which had a very bustling appearance indeed.

We again changed cars we were considerably behind our time and were apprehensive of being too late for the boat at Albany. We were amused at the amorous pranks of a young couple in the car with us who were quite objects of amusement for us they not hearing the shouts of laughter with which we greeted each stolen kiss he gave her. Robert Amery described in his diary that when another man tried addressing the crowd he was accosted by the mob and had to run to safety in a nearby store. He was often frustrated by how long it took the ship to depart and to arrive at Liverpool — understandable considering he knew Sarah would be waiting for him.

He also goes into great detail about how much money he afforded himself for the trip and what food he ate throughout. I hope my friends will not obtain an inkling of it. I am afraid it will leak out one way or another were it not that I were returning to England without visiting them. I would not mind them knowing of her coming to me. I do hope I shall be able to make her a happy home and she can reconcile her mind to the great change. I feel my temper is sour and peevish.

God grant I may never exhibit its bad traits towards her. I am afraid it will be a long time before I shall be able to surround her with the comforts she has been used to. We have seen but very few vessels. One of a larger size bound probably for some Southern port passed us a few evenings since about sunset we were both going pretty well and passed each other at a dashing pace.

The sunset has exhibited some pretty sights the gradual sinking of the glorious light its dipping in the water and lighting up the dancing waves with its lustre. The pathway of shimmering light traced from our side to the horizon verge all these things under night doubly beautiful. This evening a small party assembled on Looking for Amery woman drinks laughs and amused ourselves by singing verses of old hymns we had been accustomed to in infancy. How sweet those verses sounded on the still evening air. What a flood of long forgotten feelings rushed through my heart. Broken vows, withered hopes, pious aspirations, a melancholy creek floated over the ocean of my soul again to lie buried beneath its surface till some passing wind shall again bear it from the rest of oblivion.

Sarah proves to be never far from his thoughts and he describes his nervousness yet anticipation of seeing her again after three years apart:. I must endeavour to gather strength by the time I meet my little dear. I dare say she will be able to see a great change for the worse in me since we parted in Pulleney Road three years since. I long to see her. Sadly the s of his meeting Sarah again seem to be torn out of the diary. Though he reveals upon arrival in England on the 1st of October:. The clerk at first told me there was nothing but on my asking him to look again he produced two letters directed in her familiar hand.

I felt almost too much agitated to break the envelope. The post marks were Sept 9th and 12th. On throwing my eye over the contents my worst fears were confirmed. She had left her situation and was at home with her friends who were outrageous at the thought of her going to me and said she should not go, would not let her out and tried to prevent it altogether.

She could not tell what to do, was in a sad way. Her father said she should not leave unless I returned and married her first. I felt quite bewildered on reading this.

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I walked about not knowing what to do sometimes inclined to hurry on board a vessel and return home directly. At last I returned to the house and wrote a few hurried lines stating I had arrived, shock her letters had given me, feared she did not love or confide in me, implored her to write directly a short note stating her latest resolve to the Post Office another to Hunter so that there may be no chance but I may get one. Also a few words to the Bristol Post Office in case I should get around there.

I hardly knew what I said. Told her again it would be impossible for me to return home. I directed one of these letters as she desired to her sisters 11 Northumberland Place and the other to the Post Office so she may be sure to get one or the other. The clerk told me it would arrive in Bath tomorrow morning.

After depositing them in the office I sallied out to try and discover some mode of killing time till my fate shall be sealed. Before their wedding Robert wrote in his diary of seeing the sights of England — providing an amazing snapshot of London at the time. In a few minutes we came in full view of it.

It occupied a very conspicuous position above the bank of the river on a green level space. What a striking object it appeared. The building alone seemed worth crossing the Atlantic to see. The Exhibition included galleries of different nations, giant marble statues, gold servery, glass models, and even Looking for Amery woman drinks laughs.

I feel utterly lost in the contemplation of their extent. Room after room filled with specimens most admirably preserved of birds, beasts, reptiles, fishes, insects, etc. Sadly, their happily ever after was not to be. Died at Marine Terrace Jersey city. Was manager for Mettars Jersey city. An excerpt:. Your grandmother was a very pretty girl I have got her photo as a girl. When she grew up she had a lover who was passionately fond of her, he was a chemist in Chelsea Mr Broyer. Anyway they had a tiff and she married your grandfather Mr Amery and I believe went to America.

He died there and Aunt came back home to Grandmother Maidments her old home with her little boy your father. But before she came home Broyer was so broken hearted over your grandmother getting married that he said he could not stay in England so sold his business and went to Australia.

I believe lived in Lygon Street Melbourne… A man went into his chemist shop one day said could he give him something, he was not well. Thought the climate did not suit him. Broyer asked where he came from. He said England London, then Broyer asked what part, he said Chelsea. Then he asked the man did he happen to know anyone by the name of Maidment not thinking he did. Oh yes the man said, know them well. Wanted to know if he knew Sarah, yes said the man. She is a widow and home. Lizzie goes onto explain that Constant Broyer wrote to Sarah asking for another chance.

As a result she moved to Australia to marry him. Constant Broyer married Sarah Amery on 13 August They, with little Robert Francis, settled in Melbourne and went on to have three children together — Constance, Mary and Walter. None of these children ever married, but Robert Francis did. Five grand-children were also born into the family.

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Sarah died on the 21st of December leaving a handwritten will and testament. She left everything to her husband and three children she surprisingly did not mention Robert Francis, the son of her first husband though she also stated:. Also of interest within the will is that she listed her trustees as being her friends Alfred Deakin and Francis Longmore — later replaced by codicil by her husband and daughter as executers.

The record further states that:. Constant Broyer, however, returned to Melbourne and the parties lived together again… AboutRobert Francis Amery married Phyllis Davey at Carlton; and she is still alive, being now aged After the death of Constant Broyer all property went to the Amery children, though Robert Francis continued working at the Pharmacy until his own death. She directed him, his wife and daughter that they could clean up the house. They shared these papers with the other Looking for Amery woman drinks laughs.

Mary Broyer died inthe last of the Broyer line Constance and Walter had all passed years prior. So what is the relevance of a family diary and letter to the will of Sarah? An affidavit by Phyllis Maude Ellis details that the diary of Robert Amery includes a written by Sarah, this was used to cross check her handwriting against her will.

His notes include details on how to handle finances — perhaps passed down to his children. Tales of love, loss, family, career, money and property spanning almost years and three continents are all wrapped up in one bundle, in our collection within Unit of series VPRS 28 P3. Additional information for this blog post was gained from the fantastic paper by David Haig. If you'd like to gain even further insights into the lives of Sarah, Constant and family I recommend reading it: David, Haig.

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Looking for Amery woman drinks laughs

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