Love in new passage

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When he comes to understand that the outback is not his true home, nor is working there his destiny, Crofts moves to cosmopolitan Melbourne.

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Lena is a charismatic, talented, passionate, and restive woman who defies convention in both subtle and exuberant ways. Very much in love, Robert follows Lena to the end of the earth and back again as their relationship nourishes both his artistic aspirations and her ever stronger sense of self.

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As a saga about a modern country defining itself through experiments in social costume and shifting mores, The Passage of Love is incisive and fascinating. His novels have been translated into over a dozen languages.

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Home Catalog The Passage of Love. Alex Miller The Passage of Love. Alex Miller The Passage of Lovepp.

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Buy from: Bookshop. Kavita Bedford Friends and Dark Shapespp. Felicity Castagna No More Boatspp. A finalist for the Miles Franklin Literary Award inNo More Boats is not only a riveting story of a modern family it directly addresses Chris Womersley City of Crowspp.

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A powerful -turner about a father and son in search of each other in a lawless age and a violent land, To Name Those Lost is a tale of guilt, Joan London The Golden Agepp. The Golden Age is an immensely satisfying and generous-hearted story about displacement, recovery, resilience, and love.

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The Natural Way of Things is at once lucid and illusory, a brilliantly plotted novel of ideas that reminds us of mankind's own vast contradictions—the From the international bestselling author of Fresh Water for Flowers, a masterly crafted and suspenseful story about the ties between friends Audrey Schulman The Dolphin Housepp.

Lola Lafon Reelingpp.

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Award-winning author, Lola Lafon continues her exploration of the psyches of young girls—their fragility, their resilience. Sandrine Collette The Forestspp.

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Nobody wanted David Keenan Xstabethpp. A transcendent love letter to literature and music, Xstabeth is an exciting new work from a writer who, book-by-book, is rewriting

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Love in new passage

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The Passage of Love