Sex clubs in bend or

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We're fairly new to the area been living here for 6 months and have had trouble finding like minded people. We've had limited success, a handful of dates, a couple of which have led to amazing nights. Still, any help on where we should be looking would be appreciated. Right now, most of our activity is online okcupid, pof, sls, etc.

You can find more info on our age and a couple pics in our post history. We have good friends we met on SLS who live in Bend. Figure you're going to have to travel. Have you tried Angel's club in PDX? Sesso is a definite must.

Depending on where you are in Central Oregon, that is going to be a bit of a haul, but make a weekend of it. Also, if you're on Kasidie, there is a group "Central Oregon Swingers" that may be helpful. Hi guys- PDX'er here- You may also want to check out fetlife Wish you much luck and we have 2 great sex clubs here in portland if you find yourselves down this way.

Thanks, I'll check fetlife out. We have been wanting to go to Sesso in Portland, but we just haven't found the time yet. Have you guys been? Found the internet!

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Sex clubs in bend or

email: [email protected] - phone:(606) 782-1783 x 8026

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