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Last term, somewhere between an essay on emotion regulation and the damaging consequences of stress, I had a mid-Cambridge crisis.

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This almighty being had sadly not come my way, I was a mess, curled up with blankets, cuddling my pot plant subsequently named Steve and working my way through the top romcoms instead of even attempting to be productive. There is something about being sexy that comes completely naturally to some people. Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail have nothing on these guys….

It seems you need the whole package to upgrade to sexy too. No girl is perfect, but media has consistently targeted and accentuated the features that define femininity in the pursuit of sexiness, and now there are unrealistic expectations to tick all the boxes.

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But fellow cute girls, despair not, there is hope. I cannot do this and there is no of sit-ups that will change this; but if you pretend you are the belly dancing champion of the world, smile and wave your arms in the air, you may seem a prat to half an audience but the sexiest jelly in the world to the rest.

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I could never pull off the whole sexy devil thing. People can still be sexy if they have the mindset to do it, despite the predisposition to be cute and sweet and fluffy. We need to embrace both. The Union released its termcard today, including all in-person events and a visit from H. H Prince Charles. The latest solution to pandemic blues: an organised trip for Cambridge students to travel to Amsterdam.

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One uni was the subject of a pistol duel, while another was founded with money from Smirnoff vodka. Is it possible to be sexy AND cute?

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One self-identified cute girl asks the big question. Meggie Fairclough. How much of your student loan are you really going to spend this term? Hannah Huang. The college will be one of the first institutions to return looted bronze statues to Nigeria.

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Review: Cambridge Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe! Emily Cooper. We spoke to Cambridge student directors for their best tips for applying to Cambridge theatre Charlie Scott-Haynes. A madman, a witch and an axolotl puppet.

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Then read on! Debunking Unsent Messages: The website where you can send texts that are never received Georgia Mooney. Harrison Brocklehurst. Ranked: Who is the richest of all the Real Housewives of Potomac? Lydia Venn. Meet the iconic grandparents making heartwarming content on TikTok Danny Shaw. Only Adele herself could set fire to the rain by scoring full marks in this lyrics quiz Georgia Mooney. Hayley Soen.

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Who was Mark Blum? Are you more like Libby Mae or Katylee?

Sexy women Cambridge

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Is it possible to be sexy AND cute?