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Added: Eula Chunn - Date: His albums have shared the same blueprint: he belts out manifestoes about the state of American civilization and deftly whispers tender memories of personal experiences.

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He points his finger at the hip and powerful and tells them that they suck the blood out of our country with their pomposity and greed. He also admits his own personal failings and confesses that he learned his lessons the long and hard way. His holier-than-thou litany of the good life comes across as just one more old man telling the young what they should do. His Dylan-like pretentiousness yields Dylan-like rage, prophecy, and poetry.

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Most of the time, the laughter is dark. What does one expect from someone who lives in this modern world where wars rage and the planet seems to go from disaster to disaster on a daily basis?

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But he also understands the pleasures of love, and not just the spiritual kind. Much of the album is specifically concerned with what it means to be a woman.

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Crowell offers a list of concerns, from breaking hearts to the war in Baghdad, from a distaff perspective. This Texan takes on the Lone Star President for his failings and ps that maybe a woman would do better, but presumably this is no promotion for Hillary. Crowell supported John Edwards for the Democratic Party nomination. This is just an imaginative exercise at looking at the world through fresh eyes and finding its failings.

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But this also gives this record strength. Crowell has staked his claim to the moral high ground and offers his Jeremiad to all that will listen.

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However, this disc will probably not garner Crowell many new followers.

Women want sex Crowell

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